Upgrading GTD Excel Report Server

It is easy to upgrade GTD Server to new version. Do the following:

1. Download the latest GTD Server installation package. It will be a ZIP file.
2. Extract the archive to the former install directory, overwrite the old versions.

Please make sure that the configuration file still exists.


The following example show you how to upgrade GTD server in Linux platform.

[root@li86-224 testdir]# ls
[root@li86-224 testdir]# pwd
[root@li86-224 testdir]# wget http://www.gtdreport.com/products/gtdserver.zip

[root@li86-224 testdir]# ls
[root@li86-224 testdir]# unzip gtdserver.zip
[root@li86-224 testdir]# ls
gtdserver gtdserver.zip
[root@li86-224 testdir]# cd gtdserver
[root@li86-224 gtdserver]# ls
gtdreport.properities.sample ExcelReportSvr how-to-setup.htm linux-daemon shutdown.bat startup.bat tomcat-embed
docs help-index.htm lib readme.txt shutdown.sh startup.sh win-service
[root@li86-224 gtdserver]# cd ..
[root@li86-224 testdir]# service gtdreportsvrd stop

[root@li86-224 testdir]# cp -r gtdserver /usr/local
[root@li86-224 testdir]# service gtdreportsvrd start

[root@li86-224 testdir]#