Sending Report Output by E-mail

In today's complex business environment, sharing information on a timely basis across an enterprise has become a major challenge.

You can run report through browser (e.g. IE, firefox), the GTD Report Server will serve back report output. You can also send report output by e-mail.

Configuring GTD Report Server to send SMTP mail


To enable GTD Server to send excel output, you need to first configure GTD Server to send SMTP email.

  1. Logon GTD Server.
  2. Click Edit in SMTP section.
  3. The Configure SMTP mail server page appears, please fill in the form(the form fields are as follows), and then click Test & Save button.
From Name This field is used to construct From header. Leave it blank if you want this field is based on the current user.
From Email Address The email address that outgoing mails will appear to have come from
Outgoing SMTP Server Hostname or IP address of your SMTP server. Eg.
SMTP Port The SMTP port, usually 25. (SMTP over SSL: 465)
Username Username to connect as, if your SMTP host requires authentication.
Password Password for username (if required by your SMTP host).
The outgoing server requires authentication Most company servers require authentication to relay mail to non-local users.
The server requires a secure connection You can encrypt email communications between GTD Server and your mail server via SSL, provided your mail server supports SSL.


Disable sending SMTP mail


To disable GTD Server to send excel output, try the following steps.

  1. Logon GTD Server.
  2. Click Edit in SMTP section.
  3. The Configure SMTP mail server page appears, click Disable sending SMTP mail


Sending Report Output by E-mail


Run report from web pages of GTD Server

When you run report from web page of GTD Server, Please fill in the receipts's e-mail address to Email Report To inbox, if you don't want to send email, please let it blank.

See Run report from web pages of GTD Server


Run report from your application

See Mailto option for running reports.


Schedule a report

With Scheduled Tasks, you can schedule any report to run at a time that is most convenient for you.

See Scheduled Tasks for more information.


Customize the email


By default the email sent by GTD server just desplay information on the report or task, maybe you want to edit the email.

You can create your own email by Email Template Manager.

Email Template Manager

Logon GTD Server, using user with administrator or developer privilege. Click the link Email Template Manager link from Development tab.

There are 2 types of Email Template. So you will see Task tab and Report tab in the Email Template Manager.

You can customize the template for tasks/reports, the template is named Default Template.

You can also create custom template for special tasks/reports, by click the icon. Once the template is created, you can change it by icon.

To remove a custom template, just click icon.