Login/Logout GTD Excel Report Server

GTD Excel Report Server is implemented as a Web service. Once the server is started up, you can visit it by web browser such as IE.

The URL format:


This section assures that the server has been started up.

If you are the administrator of GTD server and you have trouble starting up the server, please visit Testing GTD server in console mode for more information.

If you are common user, and don't know the exact URL, please refer to the GTD administrator.

Login from GUI


The login page looks simular to this figure.

Please enter your username and password, and click Login button.

Remember me on this computer

Tip: To uncheck this option by default, see Check Remenber me by default in login page .

After clicking the Login button, your username and password will be sent to GTD server. If both of them are correct, you will see the Home page, otherwise you will see error message in red.

Login by parameter in URL


Maybe you call GTD server from your application, and the users don't want to login GTD server manually.

You can specify the user-id and password by the parameter gtdlogin. Syntax: gtdlogin=userid/password.

For example:


John is user id, and the password is 1234.

Tip: If the user id or password is invilid, the login page will be display.


To logout GTD server, please click button on the top-right

You need to fill in username/password if you login again, eventhough you checked Remember me on this computer at previous login