Configuring JNDI Data Source

GTD App supports two types of data source.

In this section, we discuss Container Managed Data Source.

To learn GTD-APP Managed Data Source, please click here.


Adding JNDI Data Source


First, please make sure that the database and connection pool in J2EE works.

1. Login GTD Server, using user with administrator/developer privilege, navigate to Connection Pool/Data Source Manager

2. Click "New JNDI Data Source " in the bottom-left of Connection Pool/Data Source Manager.

3. You will see a page simular to the figure below. Fill in the information required, and then click Submit button.


Sample properties for Weblogic



If the JNDI resource is hosted in Tomcat, the JNDI name starts with java:comp/env/

If the JNDI resource is hosted in Weblogic, the JNDI name may starts with java/, For example a tipical JNDI name java/TestDB.

If you are not sure the content of properties, please let it blank.